Racers asseemmmbblle!

March 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

The Ol’ Crank swore BLIND a couple of years ago that his racing days – such as they were – had come to an end… but no. He’s back. Idiot.

Actually, I’m more like a racing mechanic today. You know, like the fellas that hung off the side of old 1920s race cars to help the driver not die as quickly.

The Young Crank is having a run at Thredbo in the highly agreeable Rollercoaster Flow series run by Rocky Trail Entertainment, but the downside is that Thredder’s Flow Trail is closed all day. Solution? Enter the race!

And I get to look like an idiot…

I’ll also debut a new bike – a Transition Patrol that I picked up cheap as an end-of-year special frame. Add some Shimano XT, some X-Fusion Metrics and my current Zelvy wheels, and we have a big mountain banger that we can both use.

I’m also trying out a new tool in the shed; a Quarq Shockwiz. Invented by a young Western Australian who sold his idea to SRAM (he now works for them), it’s a simple to use but fiendishly clever suspension setting tool. I’ll tell you more about that later, but it works for Max!

(A quiet word on the serious; we just happened to pass through the area of the ACT soon after ulta endurance racer Mike Hall was hit and killed in Friday. I’d planned to go and cheer a few riders through the Gong next week, but instead I’ll raise a glass in Mike’s memory tonight. He was a young bloke who packed a lot into a too-short life. Vale, mate.)

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