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Saturday 14 January

KM: 29 and a bit

Bike: C2C

Jersey: Skoda

Time started: 0844

Time I should have started: 0700

Time home: 1000

Time ridden: Not long enough

Weather: moist and grimy

Smell: industrial rainforest

Coffee: Wanted a macchiato at Chickos kiosk in town but ran out of time

Soundtrack: Screaming Trees, Dust, Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures

Enjoyed: coming home

Didn’t enjoy: much at all

I want to change: my attitude

Late to bed again. A rotten night’s sleep. Pretty irky day outside. Under time pressure. And so I choked. Straight-up, lay-down piked out of my training plan for the morning. All I wanted to do was to push through last week’s okay effort, and make up for not having done squat all week (again). But no.

And having a guy on an old Repco, carrying a six-pack of VB on his bars, blow by you and stay ahead – now that’s encouraging.

Even now, after a shower and a sit-down, I’m still feeling pretty damn average, so maybe today was never meant to be. But that’s just it at the moment – I have to make hay with the days I do have, because I have less and less of them. My new job is cool, but it’s ramped up pretty hard pretty quickly, and I’m avoiding the gym like I’ll avoid the remake of Young Talent Time.

I did, however, print out Mark Fenner’s Mont 10-week training plan last night which, somewhat fortuitously, I can start on Monday and still finish in time for the Mont. It looks pretty hardcore, but I’ll study it today, divide it up and diarise the hell out of the next couple of weeks.

In fact, I think today will be a low-key day. I need to reboot…

So begins 2012

January 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

The amount of bullshit I put myself through each time I chamois up frustrates me immensely.

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