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Just right

March 10, 2013 — Leave a comment


I can’t rightly remember how many Monts I’ve done as a part of Writers Cramp (ironic, isn’t it, that because of the automated entry system a team made up of journos isn’t able to use apostrophes in its team name?). I’m going to say this is our fifth go-round, though it could be our sixth.

And in a novel twist that I’m sure my teammates will appreciate, I’ve actually been training. Properly (almost). Eating right (most of the time). Prepping my gear. I’ve even pre-raced the lap distance a couple of times.

At 20km long, it’s a damn big lap, too. I’d be feeling pretty sick now, with 14 days to go, if I’d be fooling myself that a couple of spins sessions and a few less banana-walnut muffins constituted my training regimen. As, erm, it did on previous occasions.

My hit-out today around Wingello for the Willo Enduro revealed a couple of things – my climbing is still abysmal, but I’m recovering more quickly. What’s more, a rash of trail riding has given me back some of the visceral joy of bike riding. Honestly, if my grin was any wider whipping through the undergrowth today, or on the sweet, sweet trails of Tathra (pictured below) last week, my face would literally fall off.


My bike, too, in what will most likely be its last event with me, is in perfect form. I’ve made the decision to go with a new-age Turner Burner, but the Blur XC Carbon isn’t going far; my good mate Nigel has bought it to upgrade from his old bike – a Santa Cruz Blur alloy that he bought from me…

It’s been a great bike, and I’m going to miss it a little bit. Nige says I can borrow it any time, though…