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Well, hi there! Good excuse as any to ramp this shit back up. Post to follow very shortly.

Cold comfort

May 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

It couldn’t last… Autumn has finally arrived properly, and it’s a real test of my resolve to keep on the path.

My plan to get to The Redback is… not really formalised, if I’m honest. I’m riding, eating okayish… it’s not enough, really, but it’s way better than nothing.

Getting out today felt good. The rain started as I left home and stayed around on and off. I’m a fair weather fairy, that’s for sure, but it was pretty fun.

I even spent some time spinning along with a young, fit local XC racer, who was good company for a few kilometres.

I was just a tad despondant when I realised that not only was he dressed in half the gear I was, he was only in the small chainring most of the way… and he rode an extra 10km before even starting his ride proper!

I’m going away for a solid week of work from Monday, but at least I’ll get some riding in! Monday and Tuesday is with Holden, and we’re riding at Buxton MTB Park on Tuesday, before I head up to cover the Port to Port with my good buddy Bruce Newton, who’s competing in the race.

Not giving up

May 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

Jet lag… you suck. Taken a week to get back on board. Here’s a shout out to a mate who’s not feeling it.

Sometimes the scenery isn’t very nice…

Sometimes it is…

Ever wondered how to keep fit out on the road? Yeah, me too…

A week in Germany/Croatia/Germany/France/Germany has revealed a flaw in my plan for a better, stronger, more ride-y me – a concrete plan.

My week has included a fair bit of traipsing through airports and standing around at car events, but next to nothing in terms of genuinely moving myself forward.

Food intake… I’d give myself 6/10. Maybe 5. Portion sizes are down and quality is up, but as a guest of others it’s all too easy to submit to a dessert. Or two desserts.

There isn’t a lot of spare time on my work gigs, but I definitely gave away a couple of chances to do something to improve strength.

Hotel gyms are one thing, but if I had thought a bit quicker/been more disciplined, I could easily have done some body weight training or more stretching.

My biggest issue is starting. Just starting. Ten push-ups this morning is ten more than yesterday, but I’ve let six opportunities go by and I’ve done none.

Oh yeah, and booze. Not excessive, but certainly more than last week.

So as a summary, this week’s a fail to learn from. At least I have 26 hours to devise a plan for next week, jet lag and another launch notwithstanding.

The art of sneaking out instead of piking out is a habit that’s forming… albeit slowly!

An hour of doing something is a tonne better than doing nothing, right?

It’s still amazing to me how much different mtb and road is… and to race mtb I need to train mtb…

A ride can happen anywhere, any time…

I don’t have electronic shifting on my bike, but I still have a bunch of sync that needs inflating with electrons to work…

Oh, and here’s a bonus rant. I was feeling a little cranky after fixing a flat… and starting to think whether this race really is a good idea…