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May 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

Here’s a rough summation of my fun and games on AMB’s FB page today. Would appreciate honest feedback – did I go in too hard? Has the reviewer/advertiser landscape changed that much?

Formula The One brake (pic:

Formula The One brake (pic:

The original post
Does anyone else think that Formula brakes are the mountain bike equivalent of a Hamish and Andy marathon afternoon (squealing and dragging and generally giving you the shivering quits)? Two test bikes, two sets of completely terrible brakes that defy all regular attempts at wrenching… /end rant

My defence of my position
Everyone – including me – is entitled to frank and fair opinion, presented in a respectful fashion. My ‘rant’ was born from bitter frustration, but not from a lack of effort, due diligence or passion.

As a long-time mag and industry guy, I reckon that elements of the media has (often by fiscal necessity) become too enamoured with free gear and flashy launches.

A lack of on-the-job training in the craft of objective reviewing (the direct result of a downsizing media sector), meanwhile, has resulted in a generation of ‘journalists’ who are awesome with a GoPro but won’t say a bad word about anything, for fear of falling off the gravy train.

Of course we work closely with our commercial partners to ensure our – and their – livelihood. Do you you want to buy a catalog, though, or do you want to buy a magazine? That’s the difference.

If I criticise something, it’s for a bloody good reason. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time – and I’m not always right – and if something isn’t good enough, it’s my job to inform AMB’s crew. Out of touch? Your call.

I 100% stand by my assessment. I’m satisfied I took reasonable steps to rectify the issues mentioned. If anyone’s feelings were hurt by any replies I made, my apologies.

In my role of AMB’s fb admin, these views expressed here are my own, and I take full responsibility for them/Tim Robson


Lemme know what you think…

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