Back to the future…

May 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

I’ve wanted a tri-colour Ritchey hardtail for a pretty long time. Like, 20 years a long time. And now I’ve got one.

It’s an intriguing blend of the classic and the future; it’s a Tru-Temper steel stiffy built to take 27.5-inch rims.


My Ritchey ‘tweener, resting

It’s slender, simple and curiously cool. And it reflects new-age hardtail thinking of a slackish head angle and a longish top tube. No press-fit BBs or tapered head tubes here – though it does need a Campy inset headset – and a suitably simple nine-by-two speed build suits the bike perfectly.

And it rides so well. I was initially concerned – okay, a bit fearful that it might be a bit harsh on these old bones. I was wrong. With a long, thin carbon seat post and a 2.25-inch rear tyre, it’s a supple, lively ride that’s more Lotus than Lancer EVO.


A photo from 1972. Or 2013

I’ve added a Ritchey Marathon saddle since the pics were taken, and I’ve already had two decent-length burns around my locals. I’m going to add a mudguard to the fork; the slim frame tubes offer zero protection from flying mud. I may upgrade the brakes if the right deal comes along.

In the meantime, I’m just going to ride the snot outta this little beauty…

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