Training (hah!) on the road

April 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

Ever wondered how to keep fit out on the road? Yeah, me too…

A week in Germany/Croatia/Germany/France/Germany has revealed a flaw in my plan for a better, stronger, more ride-y me – a concrete plan.

My week has included a fair bit of traipsing through airports and standing around at car events, but next to nothing in terms of genuinely moving myself forward.

Food intake… I’d give myself 6/10. Maybe 5. Portion sizes are down and quality is up, but as a guest of others it’s all too easy to submit to a dessert. Or two desserts.

There isn’t a lot of spare time on my work gigs, but I definitely gave away a couple of chances to do something to improve strength.

Hotel gyms are one thing, but if I had thought a bit quicker/been more disciplined, I could easily have done some body weight training or more stretching.

My biggest issue is starting. Just starting. Ten push-ups this morning is ten more than yesterday, but I’ve let six opportunities go by and I’ve done none.

Oh yeah, and booze. Not excessive, but certainly more than last week.

So as a summary, this week’s a fail to learn from. At least I have 26 hours to devise a plan for next week, jet lag and another launch notwithstanding.

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