Another new bike…

February 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Shh. Enough from the cheap seats. I’m selling my beloved Santa Cruz Blur XCc to fund the latest project, so it’s not like it’s excessive consumption or anything…

A Burner, yesterday.

A Burner, yesterday.

There have been a couple of Turners in the shed over the years, but I’d never really found peace with either of them. This, though… this is the sweet spot. A bit more travel (140mm), but not too much. Bigger wheels (650b), but not too big. Nice build (XT/XTR/Fox/Stans), but not too nuts. Lightish, but not fragile.

I’ve splurged on a Kashima shock and a 34 fork, but I reckon I’ll get away with about a $500 changeover. It’ll cope with my level of XC/enduro racing, it’ll keep up with my AM mates downhill and I won’t run into myself on the trailhead every day.

And the finish? Raw alloy. Looks insane on the interwebs, and it’s high time I moved away from convention.

Estimated time of arrival? April. Maybe. If I’m lucky. I’ve been waiting for a year already, though, so I’m not too fussed. More as it happens…


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