Arrivederci, cranks…

August 9, 2012 — Leave a comment

Gone, done, outta here… the longest, most drawn-out mechanical job in the history of recreational cycling has written its final chapter…

There was – as you’d expect – a bit more faffing to do, as my outboard bottom bracket tool didn’t fit the unusually recessed slots on the Campag bb. Big props to Kegs at Avanti Wollongong for helping me here.

The whole sorry saga again raises the spectre of online v local retail, though; faced with a $260 bill to buy the two Park tools required locally (via the Avanti online store, since you’re asking), a quick net search resulted in both products being delivered to my door in less than a week for less than the cost of one of the tools; $117, to be exact. I’m a dad of three with a two-wheel habit to feed – I just can’t give away $143 to make the local industry feel better. And I hate that. I like the local industry.

My guilt at buying offshore was slightly assuaged, though, by the treatment I received at a prominent roadie store in Sydney’s south, though, whose proprietor asked me point-blank whether the frame had been “stolen”, then charged me $20 for cutting a centimetre off the fork’s steerer. Sucks to be you, bud…

So, if you need a slightly used set of Campag Centaur carbon cranks… and stay tuned for the build of the Bianchi. My deadline is end of September.

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