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April 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

… and the white Bianchi is still under a sheet. Tweaking the green Bianchi, though, recently installing a set of second-hand Ultegra 7900 levers/shifters. And while you *can* use the old-model brakes, you’ll soon realise the folly of your ways at the bottom of a long, fast descent. They stop fine around town, but the cable leverage ratio thing is all wrong for big power stops.

Front one went on fine, but the rear is, of course, another story… I trimmed off about 20mm of rear brake outer to make the new levers work correctly, but because of the alignment of Saturn with Jupiter, the waning of the crescent moon and me throwing a black cat through a mirror, that 20mm became oh-so important when installing the rear.

Now, given the c2c has internal cable routing, I’m going to have to run the gauntlet and run new housing through the top tube, a job that is fraught with unknowns. But I have a cunning plan…

Oh, and Writers Cramp nailed 40th possie in Open Men Sixes at the recent Mont 24 in Canberra. A good, cold, hot, sleepless, crashy, fun time was had by all.

From left; Deeley, Day, Robson, Watson, Smith, Davis, a Winnebago.

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