Good grief… sunshine?

February 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

Won’t stay long… I’ve disposed of the chores, the world has dried out after 342 consecutive rainy days – I’m not making that up – and I’m keen to get out on the road again.

Quick updates; I’m still not training properly. The new job has finally settled down, though, so I’m up to the gym this week. I am. My last ride was 50km two weeks ago, and that’s just not going to be enough, especially seeing as how I’ve entered the Tathra MTB Enduro in April…

I’ve finally received the tool to get Project Bianchi II under way (a small alloy plug no bigger in diameter than a 10c piece? That’ll be $50 including postage, sir), but of course, I’ve picked up the wrong kind of bearing puller to complement it. Back to the Supercheap Auto I go…

And Max is back into the swing of the BMX season, with his first State Open at Liverpool tomorrow. Longer cranks, lighter wheels, harder gearing – might push him towards the front of the Ten Boys…

Finally, my vid of the week…

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