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May 2, 2011 — Leave a comment

WHY BLOG? Why not? I’ve been doing this writing thing for a sod of a long time, and sometimes I’d like to write a bit and not worry about how many cents a word I’m getting for it. I’m also going to share stuff that I like with all three people who end up reading it. Don’t like it? Go watch a Bieber video, clown.

JUST SAW the Senna doco tonight. I’ve done my share of reading about Ayrton Senna de Silva over the years, and he’s come up pretty sweetly in this mostly well-made piece. The archival footage is truly terrific, though screwing the soundtrack up in a few spots my my teeth twinge. His first win in Brazil in 1990 – his car was jammed in sixth for the last six laps, so why lay over a soundtrack of a car shifting gears? Duh, just clanky and lazy.

Minor quibbles, though – it’s a moving tribute to a truly remarkable human being who was taken away suddenly and brutally on an unfathomable weekend of carnage. You couldn’t even imagine being at Imola on that weekend – Roland Ratzenberger’s death, Rubens Barichello’s insanely massive shunt, the crash off the startline… just one of those moments in time that you can’t explain…

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